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PM Modi stresses on constant innovation and dynamic methods to deal with COVID -19

PM Modi stresses on constant innovation and dynamic methods to deal with COVID -19

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stressed on constant innovation and adoption of dynamic methods and strategies to effectively deal with the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.
He said, this virus is continuously changing its form and the scientists are working to deal with the mutant virus.The Prime Minister interacted with the District Officials of ten States on the Covid-19 situation today.
Mr. Modi has said, amid the second wave of coronavirus, mutant virus is posing a concern for the adult and children.
He asked the State administration and District Officials to prepare for this challenge by evaluating the data related to seriousness of this infectious disease.
He said, this will help in formulizing the better strategies for the upcoming challenges.
Highlighting the need to avoid wastage of Covid vaccine, Mr. Modi said, wastage of a single dose of vaccine means not being able to provide the necessary protective cover to one life.
He said, the government is continuously engaged in maintaining the supply of the vaccine.
He said, Union Health Ministry is providing the information for the availability of the 15 days’ stock of vaccines to the States and Union Territories.
He expressed hope that supply of vaccines will be strengthened at the District level and vaccination centre in the coming days.
He said, the vaccination drive is also being streamlined by incorporating suggestions from states and various stakeholders at all levels.
Stressing on the implementation of the Covid appropriate behaviour, the Prime Minister said, adoption of such behaviour is the major tool in the fight against the Covid-19.
He said, despite a decline in the active number of cases, challenges remain till this virus is present even on a minor scale.
Appreciating the role of the District Officials in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, the Prime Minister has said, works done at the field level and the experiences and feedbacks shared by the District Officials will help in making the practical and effective policies.
The Prime Minister has said that our priority is also to keep life easy along with saving lives.
He said, there should be facilities for free ration for the poor and other essential supplies. He stressed on the need to stop black marketing.

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