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Nitish Kumar Deputy Is Missing a lot

Nitish Kumar Deputy Is Missing a lot

PATNA:Chief Minister Nitish Kumar showed up on time to tie a rakhi to a tree in a large public park in Patna -a gesture intended to promote environmental awareness and friendliness in Bihar.

However, the minister who had organized the function, 27-year-old Tejpratap Yadav, was a no-show.

Mr Yadav heads the Health and Environment Ministries. The young politician was seen walking around at his house, but sources close to him said he was unwell and could not make it to today’s event -which was organized by his ministry.

Mr Yadav’s attendance record at important government events is not exemplary. In March, he skipped the inauguration of a new department created to handle kidney transplants at a hospital in Patna, a major program for his Heath Ministry. The fancy ceremony was cancelled -and has still not been held, though nine kidneys have been transplanted since then.

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In the budget session of the Bihar Assembly which wrapped in April, he was frequently missing on days when questions about Health policies were raised.

Mr Yadav owes his A-lister status to his father, Lalu, who cannot run for election because of conviction in a criminal case. However, it was Lalu’s party that won the most seats in last year’s election. Lalu said that he would honour a pre-election commitment to his alliance with Mr Kumar to have the latter head the government. In return, he won the post of Deputy Chief Minister for his son, Tejaswi, and other portfolios for Mr Yadav.
Mr Yadav’s perceived disinterest in his job is being highlighted by the opposition.”This is very embarrassing for the government and Lalu in particular,” said Sushil Kumar Modi of the BJP.

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Privately, several top leaders from Lalu’s party say this proves he was wrong to have reserved hefty positions for his sons rather than experienced and committed politicians, presumably like themselves.

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