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A beautiful poetry written on ‘Time’ by Sharoon Khan

A beautiful poetry written on ‘Time’ by Sharoon Khan

Sharoon Khan


It can’t be seen, and can never be felt.
Neither touch nor bought,
But still it is the most precious thing one can have.

Time is what gives us strength, heals us in its own prime.

It is still when things are not in our hands but it flies like a jibe when a man is at its best.

Time is a king which moves at its own pace, at its own space and makes others cry.

It treats everybody the same but is treated differently by different bodies.

Time for some is a restraint, for some it is an achievement.
The moment wasted can never come again.
The moment lived can’t be lived again.
The lovers make it count the most,
The cheaters make it lost and thrown, It acts like a rubber band and stretch and slap and make the bad ones regret.

When one realises the value of time it makes them the most sublime.

Even a thousand years will not suffice a man, who is not a miser in wasting time.

Framing time for oneself is a good management one can invest in his lifetime, managing it is what makes a man shine and wasting it what makes him do a crime.

It depends on a man how he uses time, make it a choice or a pious.

Time does not stop and will never stop for a man, it is a man who makes most of it or loses it, it all depends on how intellectual he is.

So let us do a favour on mankind use time wisely so we can shine.

Sharoon Khan

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