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Unani Pathology once again recognises on Global Platform

Unani Pathology once again recognises on Global Platform

Unani Pathology once again recognised on Global Platform

UN appoints Dr. S.M. Hussain as its Representative


Dr. S.M. Hussain has been appointed as the representative of Unani Pathology in the United Nations for five years ,PIC fron UNO Conference Hall New York

New Delhi: In a significant step for the All India Unani Tibbi Congress (AIUTC), Dr. S.M. Hussain, Vice President of the Congress, has been appointed as the representative of Unani Pathology in the United Nations for a tenure of five years. This appointment marks a pivotal moment for the recognition of Unani Pathology’s contribution to global healthcare.

Recently a conference organized by the Multi-Stakeholder Forum on science, technology, and invention (STI) in New York , Dr. Hussain emphasized the far-reaching impact of the science of Ibn Sina, asserting that it extends beyond Unani Pathology.

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He highlighted the notable achievements of research scholars associated with Ibn Sina’s science across various scientific domains, underscoring its important role in shaping modern technology.

Dr. Hussain advocated for a reconsideration of the scientific principles established by Ibn Sina, emphasizing their relevance in advancing global scientific endeavors.

The conference, themed “To Empower the Agenda-2023” and focused on “Science, Technology and Innovation (STI): Providing Effective, Sustainable and Resilient Solutions” to combat poverty during crises, convened policymakers, government officials, scientists, engineers, inventors, and representatives from different walk of life worldwide.

STI served as a platform to foster collaboration, networking, and technology exchange to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

During the conference, Dr. Hussain engaged in extensive discussions with research scholars and scientists from diverse countries, including Korea, Sweden, China, Italy, Canada, and Bangladesh, to exchange ideas and perspectives on advancing global healthcare and scientific innovation.

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Dr. Syed Ahmed Khan, AIUTC Secretary General, admire the successful conclusion of the conference and extended congratulations on Dr. Hussain’s appointment as the UN representative.

Dr Khan expressed pride in AIUTC’s contribution to showcasing India’s rich heritage of Unani Pathology on the global stage, emphasizing its integral role in India’s healthcare landscape under the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India.

He further said that the appointment of Dr. Hussain as the UN representative underscores India’s commitment to promoting traditional healthcare systems and advancing global health through the integration of ancient wisdom with modern scientific principles.

Dr Khan said while talking to Times of Pedia that Dr. Hussain’s representation in the UN is a heartening news for the DRs serving in Unani Pathi and also for the companies making medicines. He also said that in the coming days, AIUTC will work towards dealing with the increasing dangerous diseases in the world. This will prove to be a milestone towards a successful system of traditonal treatment.

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