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politicization of the judiciary threat to democracy:PFI

politicization of the judiciary threat to democracy:PFI

Popular Front expresses concern over the issues raised by senior Supreme Court judges;

The National Secretariat of Popular Front of India in a statement has expressed serious concern over the issues raised by four senior Supreme Court judges before the media against the working of the apex court.

It is highly concerning that four of the topmost judges in the country had to take matters   about the functioning of the Supreme Court out to the public as they are unable to air their views properly within the system. Nor could they find a just solution inside the fraternity.  The honourable judges have brought to the nation’s attention the nadir of degeneration in the apex court and are pointing to the political influence on the judges. The allegation that there was an  interference from the part of CJI while assigning a number of cases of national importance sends a grim message to the people of this country about the neutrality of the apex judiciary.  These cases include the assassination of Justice Loya in which BJP president Amit Shah is one of the prime accused.

Even though Justice Deepak Mishra can justify his actions technically, they will remain ethically suspicious in the eyes of the people.  If the issue is not cleared now, it will destroy the people’s faith in the judicial system.  The Chief Justice of India owes this nation an explanation what is happening in the Supreme Court. The ruling party BJP should desist from destroying the judiciary through various means of interference and stop protecting leaders accused of committing crimes.

The meeting urged that the people and political parties must take the current developments seriously and come forward to protect the independence and neutrality of the Supreme Court.

The meeting decided to observe “Popular Front Day” on February 17 through various programmes all over the country.  The theme of the day will be “WE with PEOPLE, PEOPLE with US”. The preceding days from February 10 to 16 will be observed as “Public Relations Week” in which all Popular Front units will engaged in house visits to take the message of the organization to all sections of society.

Secretary, Public Relations,

Popular Front of India,

Headquarters, New Delhi

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