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Muslim delegation asks PM to check hate-mongers

Muslim delegation asks PM to check hate-mongers

New Delhi: A delegation of Muslims called on the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and raised concern over security and safety of minority communities .The members of delegation asked him to check the leaders of Sangh Parivar who indulged in hate mongering.

The delegation comprising Maulana Kalbe Jawwad, former MPs Shahid Siddiqui and Ilyas Azmi, Qurban Ali,  Mufti Ajaz Qasmi told the PM that the Minority Affairs Ministry did not bring any visible change in the life of minority communities as it needed to invigorate. They told him about the illegal possession of Waqf properties, desecration of mosques under the ASI, the Waqf (eviction) bill and welfare schemes run by the Minority Ministry.  They particularly underlined the fact under the  Multi-sectoral Development Programme (MsDEP) not single school was built so far.

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But the PMO statement did not mention any issue raised by the delegation. However, the PMO release on the meet only stated that“Members of the delegation congratulated the Prime Minister on his recent successful visit to Saudi Arabia. They said people in West Asia, Central Asia and North Africa, especially the youth, are extremely impressed with the development agenda of Shri Narendra Modi, and want good relations with India”.

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:Sources said one of the delegation members complained to the PM that Shias do not get enough representation in the government bodies and committees.PM assured the delegation that he would look into all issues and asked them to keep open the channel of meeting. During the meeting NSA Mr. Ajit Doval was also present.



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