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Modi-Shah Government stands totally exposed:Sonia Gandhi

Modi-Shah Government stands totally exposed:Sonia Gandhi

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Address of Sonia Gandhi in the Meeting of Like Minded Parties

Welcome to you all.
I am very glad that we are meeting to exchange views on what is happening
in the country today. The government has let loose a reign of oppression,
spreading hatred and trying to divide our people along sectarian lines. There
is unprecedented turmoil today.

The Constitution is being undermined and
the instruments of governance are being misused. Students and the young
have in particular been targeted. In several parts of the country, especially in
Uttar Pradesh, large sections of the population are being harassed and

There have been nation-wide spontaneous protests by the youth supported by
citizens from all walks of life. The immediate cause is the CAA and NRC but
they reflect widespread frustration and pent up anger, which is now out in
the open.

The response of the police in UP and Delhi has been shockingly
partisan and brutal. The Prime Minister and Home Minister have misled the
people. They have contradicted their own statements of only weeks ago, and
continue with their provocative statements while remaining insensitive to the
state suppression and violence that is increasingly becoming commonplace.

The nation has watched in horror at the BJP-orchestrated assault on JNU
coming so soon after what happened in Jamia, BHU, Allahabad
University and AMU and other institutions of higher learning in other parts
of the country. The Modi-Shah Government stands totally exposed for its
inability to govern and to provide security to the people.

The NRC seems to have back-fired in Assam. The Modi-Shah government is
now focussing on the NPR exercise that is scheduled to begin in a few
months. Contrary to the assertions of the Home Minister, it is clear that this is
being done to lead to a nation-wide NRC.

The real issue facing India today is the collapse of economic activity and
slowing growth and development affecting all sections of society, especially
the poor and disadvantaged. The Prime Minister and Home Minister have no
answers and want to divert the nation’s attention from this grim reality by
raising one divisive and polarizing issue after another. It is for us to work
together and thwart the designs of this government.
Thank you.

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