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Biden to visit Saudi Arabia, interact with Crown Prince.

Biden to visit Saudi Arabia, interact with Crown Prince.

United States President Joe Biden will be travelling to the Middle East in order to reinvigorate their relations with key partners of the region and he will be meeting Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Biden will also be visiting Israel for the first time since taking office. A major point of discussion will be the ongoing crisis surrounding the Iran Nuclear Deal. However, the report claimed that a number of people in the Democratic Party have spoken out against the proposed visit because of the history of human-rights violations against Saudi Arabia.

However, according to the travel plan, Biden will meeting Saudi leaders in Riyadh. According to US officials, Biden is looking to work with Saudi Arabia on a number of issues ranging from the rising fuel prices and security concerns in the region.

Saudi Arabia signed a truce with Iran-backed forces in Yemen earlier in the year and it played a big role in making the Biden visit possible.

Apart from Saudi Arabia, Biden will be meeting members of Gulf Cooperation Council – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates – along with Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. He looks forward to this important visit to Saudi Arabia, which has been a strategic partner of the United States for nearly eight decades.”

The other important part of Biden’s visit to the region will be his meetings with Israel Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. According to senior White officials, the meetings will be aimed at “reaffirming his lifelong commitment to a two-state solution”.

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