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Rajasthan Police custodial death issue of Md.Ramzan 

Rajasthan Police custodial death issue of Md.Ramzan 

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Rajasthan Police custodial death issue of Md.Ramzan                                          

 Press Note

Police trying to save themselves

 Delhi , 3rd May 2019:The National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations (NCHRO) organised a press conference on “justice for Ramazan” at Press club of India Rai sinha Road New Delhi today.

Advocate Ansar  Indori  from NCHRO told the media, a delegation met the family in Mangrol town of Baran district.

He further said that Md. Ramzan who lived in Mangrol town of Baran district,Rajasthan had died in Kota  hospital because he was brutally beaten by the police.

Ramzan was booked in 1987 u/s 307 after some time he got bail from trial court in 1991.

He convected for four years. After that he got bail again from high court. Appeal was pending and disposed before 9 months ago, imprisonment of two years by the High Court.

Ramzan had been in jail for the last 9 months. During imprisonment, he fell ill and his family had to visit both hospital and jail several times.

Adv. Ansar Indori, National Exe. member of NCHRO while addressing the press conference said that in December last a bail application was also filed before SC, for which Ramzan’s son Mohammad Rizwan had requested the NCHRO to look in to it and fight till justice.

On the occasion the son of victim Rizwan told the media that his father had once got parole, after which a file was sent to administration and the governor to free him from the sentence through the district collector.

Rizwan said that a few days ago when his father fell ill, he was admitted to the prisoners ward of medical college in Kota. When my mother, brother and I went to see him, on duty policemen misbehaved with us and didn’t allow us to meet my father.

They also asked for a bribe of 500 rupees for allowing us. We refused to give them the money and complained to the hospital administration for it. Just because of this, the drunken police man hung my father by his feet with a chain and brutally beat him up with pipes.

Whereby his condition became worse and was referred to Jaipur SMS on the very next day. When he felt better in Jaipur, he told everything to the family.

Ramzan had stated in a video clip before his death that the police had warned him not to tell anyone about what happened to him. conference disgraced for wearing cap and having beard.

After two days he was discharged by the police, without any information to the family. Ramzan was secretly taken to Kota from Jaipur. When his condition became worst, he was again admitted to Kota medical hospital, where he died on 26 April night.

Speakers of press Conference has demanded to provide appropriate compensation to the grieved family, file murder case against the policemen accused for beating Ramzan and give govt job to one of the family members.

He said that Ramzan has become a victim of hate politics. Accused policemen assaulted and abused him on the basis of his religion. He said that today those who are in the administration don’t hesitate from taking the law in their hands because of the communal mentality.

Rajasthan police is trying to prove it as he died because of illness. While the truth is that he has died because he was assaulted physically.

On the occasion Prof. Apoorvanand, Adv. Shreeji bhavsar, Adv. Fuzail Ahmed Ayyubi, Nadeem khan and Pervez Ahmed also delivered their short speeches and views.



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