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East Uttar Pradesh of NCHRO formed

East Uttar Pradesh of NCHRO formed

Press release

Formation of East Uttar Pradesh Chapter of Human Rights Organization NCHRO

Lucknow March 13 //   Human rights organization (NCHRO) formed its east UP chapter at a meeting in Lucknow yesterday.


The meeting was organized in the UP Press club luckhnow. Newly appointed Joint Convenor of NCHRO, Advocate Mohammad Yaqoob said that in view of the rapidly growing violations of human rights in east Uttar Pradesh, the Central Committee had decided in the meeting of the National Executive in Bangalore that the unit of the organization be formed.

Yaqoob said that a interim committee has been formed by consensus. It was decided in the meeting to form a new executive body shortly. The proceedings of the formation of the unit were completed under the supervision of National Working Committee member Advocate Ansar Indori .

In this committee, Nahid Aqeel (Lucknow) is the Convenor and Adv.Mohammed Yaqoob have been made Joint Convenor.

In addition to Seema Azad (Allahabaad), Adv. Juned (lucknow),Adv.Malik
(Bahraich),Kripa shanker
(kushinagar)Adv. Faraz
(Lucknow),S.R. Darapuri
(Lucknow),Afiya Hameed
(Allhabaad),Rohit Singh
(Lakhimpur),Adv. Abhishek Singh
(Lucknow),Adv. Abdul Wahab
(Lucknow),Adv. Minkshi kanaujia
(Lucknow),Mrs.Mamta Singh
(Lucknow),Shubhi Chanchal
(Lucknow),Adv. Imran
(Lucknow),Adv. Nafees,(Allhabaad)Dr. Sandhya Panday
(Gorakhpur) have been made members of the committee.

(Joint Convenor)

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