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BJP MP Sakshi wisdom: Women in Muslim Samaj are treated like a footwear

BJP MP Sakshi wisdom: Women in Muslim Samaj are treated like a footwear

“Maharaj have you gone through ever Holly Quraán ,advice for you pls study of Islam, you will never give such a rubbish statement

The ever-controversial Sakshi Maharaj, Bharatiya Janata Party MP from Unnao, has appealed to the judiciary that they should intervene into the matters of the Islam – a religion, which according to him, treats its women like a footwear – unlike it does for the Hindu religious matters.

Court ko Islam dharm ke sandarbh me bhi hakshatshep karna chahiye, jaha ek stree ko keval ek pair ki jooti samajha jaata hai. Jaisi jooti ki jarurat ho to pehen lo, aur nahi ho to bahar pekh do (The court should also intervene into the matters of Islam, where women are treated like a footwear. They use it when in need, and discard it when not),” Sakshi Maharaj said, addressing his voters at Unnao.

Justifying that since the Muslim women are treated like doormats, the BJP lawmaker-cum-Hindu priest said that they are now rising up to protest against this discrimination and are demanding their rights.

“I therefore appeal to the judiciary that they should look into these matters. They should ensure that Muslim women get the right to offer Namaaz in the mosque and should be granted equal rights like every other citizen of this country,” he said.

“The country shouldn’t run according to the Constitution, not fatwas,” the lawmaker said.

Sakshi Maharaj has been a regular with such provocative statements. Over the Dadri mob lynching incident when the ex-gratia that was raised from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 lakh, Sakshi Maharaj had said, “This is done on the basis of appeasement. When a Muslim dies they will give Rs 20 lakhs and when a Hindu dies he won’t even get Rs 20,000.”

He had also once said that Hindu women must produce at least four children to ‘protect’ the religion, adding that “the concept of four wives and forty children just won’t work in India”.

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