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Rupenwal Panel Report on Rohith Vimula an Eye Wash

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Last year Rohith Vimula, a brilliant Ph.D. scholar of University of Hyderabad was driven to suicide by the humiliation heaped by ABVP members and suspension of scholarship by the
vice chancellor.

The youth all over the country felt pained and agitated on the issue. The involvement of MHRD and cabinet minister Dattatrey came into light in this connection. After that a
one man enquiry committee, headed by Justice Rupenwal, was instituted. Its reports has come now.

It says that no one is responsible for the suicide. The students see it as an eye wash to put a curtain on the whole issue. It would be better had the Judge commented on the atmosphere prevailing then and assessed the level of insult and torture Rohith suffered and his economic hardships. Instead of this he has given advice in the tone of a preacher.Rohith Vimula was a thinking scholar, he had a deep understanding of social issues. People feel his pain. It should not be taken lightly.


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