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Polygamy is allowed in Islam,but Why?

Polygamy is allowed in Islam,but Why?

If someone is against POLYGAMY (BAHU VIVAH), he is in favour of illegal affairs, he is in favour of dirty society.

This is not only one case of triple talaq, but its including POLYGAMY (bahu vivah). Allah gave order to any Muslim to marry more than one woman * conditions apply. Indian law gave us right to follow any religion or thought and these people are forcing us to not follow Allah’s rule but follow them. As per Indian law every one can follow any religion, though, can convert to other religion, even Naga Sadhu can remain nude, governments supplying liquor and giving licences etc etc. Who are they to order me to follow them against Indian and Islamic Law.

THEY ARE FOOLING MEDIA AND CITIZENS OF INDIA but in court all these 3 cases are together.

  1. If a woman’s husband died for any cause, from disease or sometimes killed by  Naksali/Maoist Terrorists, killed by natural disasters, and very few times killed by other Terrorists etc etc ……. as per Hindu law THE WOMEN CAN NEVER MARRY AGAIN, SHE will HAVE TO WEAR WHITE CLOTHES LIFETIME, SHE CAN’T GO TO FUNCTION ETC . There is no option of divorce or asking for divorce in Hindu laws. But they changed these type of Hindu laws because they accepting un-officially that these are against nature.

Sex is a need, sorry to say, these kind of women will make illegal affairs, not 100% women but some. The people who are against polygamy are in favour of these kinds of illegal affairs, Dirty and Messy Society.

If you prohibiting polygamy, do you think that an unmarried guy will marry a divorced women. or whose husband died, when in most cases she having children too?

Ask this above question to your unmarried brother and you will know.

Many women are STERILE (banjh), no one can cure her, most of the time she is left or divorced, in Islam solution for girl, she can marry again, but in Hinduism she cannot. Whats the solution for man without Talaq? POLYGAMY. Also if this woman is left or divorced, some women will make illegal affairs too. Women will have question how she will make arrangements of living, fooding, bread and breakfast, stay, security and natural need of sex  etc. But Islam has its solution. This 2nd marriage is allowed in ISLAM only.

Leave Muslim Hindu, if you love your wife and children will you ever marry a second girl? Mostly Muslim women will ask for Talaq in this case, and Hindu women have no option, but not to follow Hindu Dharam and follow other laws.

Some husbands also have fear of Indian laws that they will be taken to court for bribe allegations etc etc after his 2nd marriage. All Hindus Muslims hearing these type of cases everyday.

And fear that they may never ever see or meet their beloved children again in life. Even if a husband marry a 2nd girl or fallen in love with other women, will he ever forget his children?

Ask this question to your father. And this fear is with woman too if children are with husband.

By: Musab Rafiq Agwan
Mobile: 9899400404
Email: info@muslimngos.com

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