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PM interacts on Pariksha Pe Charcha 

PM interacts on Pariksha Pe Charcha 

PM interacts with students, teachers and parents during Pariksha Pe Charcha 2024

The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi interacted with students, teachers and parents at Bharat Mandapam in New Delhi today during the 7th edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha (PPC). He also took a walkthrough of the art and crafts exhibition showcased on the occasion.

PPC is a movement driven by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s efforts to bring together students, parents, teachers and society to foster an environment where each child’s unique individuality is celebrated, encouraged and allowed to express itself fully.

Addressing the gathering of students, teachers and parents, the Prime Minister mentioned the creations by the students in the exhibition where they have expressed aspirations and concepts like New National Education Policy in various shapes. He said these exhibits reflect what the new generations think about various topics and what solutions they have for these issues. 

Starting his interaction, the Prime Minister explained the importance of the venue, i.e. Bharat Mandapam to the students and told them about the G20 summit where all the major leaders of the world assembled and discussed the future of the world. 

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The Prime Minister said that one should have the wisdom to prioritize things. This comes with experience and analyzing everything. He also said that he considers his mistakes as lessons. 

He gave an illustration of the Covid pandemic and said that instead of sitting idle he chose to rally the people and raise their collective strength through acts like calling for diya, or ‘thali’. Similarly, celebrating sporting success and right strategy, direction and leadership have resulted in a massive medal haul at international events.  

He said for proper governance also, there should be a system of perfect information from bottom to top and a system of perfect guidance from top to bottom. 

The Prime Minister emphasized not being disappointed in life and said that once this decision is made, only positivity remains. “I have shut all doors and windows of disappointment in my life”, the Prime Minister said. He said that decision-making becomes easier when the resolve to do something is strong.

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“When there is no selfish motive, there is never confusion in decision”, he said. Giving emphasis on making the lives of the present generation easier, the Prime Minister expressed confidence that the generation of today must not face the difficulties faced by their parents.

“Government strives to make a nation where not just the present but future generations have a chance to shine and show their capabilities”, the Prime Minister said  stressing that it should be the collective resolve of the entire nation.

Throwing light on the power of positive thinking, the Prime Minister said that it gives the strength to look for positive outcomes even in the most negative situations.  The Prime Minister concluded his interaction by encouraging all students and conveyed his best wishes to achieve their life goals. 


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