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Judge Asks Delhi CM,What Does Mean by “THULLA”

Judge Asks Delhi CM,What Does Mean by “THULLA”

NEW DELHI:The Delhi High Court today asked the Delhi Chief Minister , Arvind Kejriwal, to explain what made him use the word thulla,to describe the Delhi police a year ago.The Court however said that the Chief Minister need not appear tomorrow in a lower court that is hearing a criminal defamation complaint filed against him by a constable.

Kejriwal,  had been summoned for tomorrow’s hearing but has been granted exemption till August 21 .The Hon’ble Court while issuing  the warning said that “you will have to satisfy this court what is the meaning of the word that was allegedly used by you. So be ready.”

The judge said thulla is not to be found in the dictionary he consulted. “If you have used this word, you must be knowing the meaning,” he said.

Constable Ajay Kumar Taneja says that as a member of the Delhi Police, he has been subjected to “acute agony and mental hurt” by the Chief Minister’s language used in the context of his allegations that the Delhi Police force, which is manipulated by the central government, has tried to prevent Delhi Govt. from checking corruption.

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Kejriwal has been sued for 10 crores by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley for accusing him publicly of corruption during his tenure as the top boss of Delhi’s main cricket administrative body.

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