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Jamiat Calls for Stringent action against School teacher

Jamiat Calls for Stringent action against School teacher

Jamiat Calls for Stringent action against ‘lesson in hate incident’ in Muzaffarnagar School

Letter Sent to Government Authorities and Support Extended to Affected Family

New Delhi, August 26, 23 — Maulana Mahmood Asa’d Madani, the President of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, expressed profound sorrow over the recent ‘school incident that unfolded in Khabapur village, Muzaffarnagar. He strongly urged the government to take immediate and substantive measures against those responsible. In this regard, Maulana Madani addressed Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, the Union Minister for Women and Child Development, the National Commission for Children (NCPCR), the National Human Rights Commission, and the UN Special Rapporteur through a written letter, emphasizing the need for swift action.

The letter expressly states, “I urge you to address the aforementioned incident and initiate legal proceedings against the perpetrator under the Child Rights, Human Rights, Educational Rights, and Prevention of Bias Acts. Furthermore, I request you to promptly instruct the concerned district administration to refrain from attempting to downplay this grave matter.”

Maulana Madani vehemently asserted that “nafrt ka pathshala” is unequivocally unacceptable. It is very sad to observe that our country has descended into a breeding ground for hate speech. This trend originated from the dissemination of venomous statements and divisive agendas by certain political leaders and some media outlets. When governmental authorities and their agencies fell short in reining in this, it reached the extent that even the pillars of security institutions and educational establishments, traditionally revered as centers of knowledge, have succumbed to its influence.

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Maulana Madani said this in the backdrop of surfacing of video that involved Tripta Tyagi, the principal of Neha Public School in Khabapur Mansoorpur village. The video documents her subjecting a student to physical violence and uttering derogatory remarks solely based on their Muslim identity. Maulana Madani unequivocally stated that such reprehensible actions not only contravene the core principles of education but also perpetuate bias and hatred that have no place in a just and inclusive society. He reiterated that every child is entitled to a secure and all-encompassing educational milieu, enabling his personal and academic growth. The actions of the implicated teacher starkly violate these foundational principles and the standards of professionalism expected from educators.

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We urgently call upon the relevant authorities to take immediate, resolute measures to address this painful incident. A thorough and transparent investigation must be conducted to uncover the complete details of the incident. This is essential to prevent the recurrence of such deplorable incidents. A stringent zero-tolerance policy against discrimination, harassment, or violence should be enforced and communicated unambiguously to staff and students. Equally imperative is the implementation of diversity, inclusion, and cultural sensitivity training across educational institutions to foster a respectful and embracing environment.

Maulana Madani has directed the local Jamiat Ulama unit to meet with the student and his family to help them overcome the emotional and psychological effects. He further instructed them to liaise with local authorities, urging them to pursue stringent legal action. Earlier today, a delegation from Jamiat Ulama Muzaffarnagar, led by District Secretary Qari Muhammad Zakir, visited the affected family to offer both humanitarian and moral support on behalf of the organization. The situation is being closely monitored, and appropriate actions will be taken.

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