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Environment Scientist 2016Award Conferred on Dr Hishmi Jamil Husain

Environment Scientist 2016Award Conferred on Dr Hishmi Jamil Husain

Dr Hishmi Jamil Husain received Environment Scientist of 2016 Award from All India Educational Movement, New Delhi, India.The award was conferred on him by Mr Rumi Jaffery famous Bollywood writer and Mr Shiv Kumar Chaube, Chairman, Madhya Pradesh State Mining Corporation during Inauguration function of Education and CommunalHarmony Conference at Bhopal, India.

Considering Dr Hishmi Jamil Husain work on Sustainable afforestation. All India Educational Movement recommended his name for the Environment Scientist of 2016 Award.

Dr Hishmi research findings contributed tosustainable management of afforestation programs. Dr Hishmi evaluated that geology; soil and biota are important factors to design the afforestation program in degraded lands. With this research Dr Hishmi suggested scientific investigation isthe most important in improving and regenerating the degraded lands through raising vegetation suited to parent material and soil. The knowledge of mineralogical behavior of soils at good natural sites and at degraded sites opens at possibilities of optimal management in puts to augment production of the biomass from good site as well as from degraded site after suitable amelioration. In the present intensified programme of raising large scale plantation, especially of fast growing species, the fertility potential depends largely on the mineralogical composition of the soil. The underlying parent material plays a vital role in determining the success or other-wise of the plantations especially over a number of rotations in a given year.

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Dr Hishmi is one of the very few scholars which a large corporation Rio Tinto has. He manages his scholarly pursuits while meeting the challenges of implementing global environmental standards on the ground in this critical work area. Dr Hishmi is full of raw energy and infectious enthusiasm. – today he will be showing how he is carrying out the waste management in Rio Tinto’s large exploration camp at Bunder, and tomorrow he will be presenting a world class paper in an International scientific gathering in Europe – and both the tasks with equal flair. One word for Dr Hishmi – he is “brilliant”. We are all going to hear a lot about Dr Hishmi and his achievements in coming days, months and years – we know with absolute certainty!

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