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COMMUNAL HARMONY:-Solution to all woes & worries

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Even if the whole of India, ranged on one side, were to declare that Hindu-Muslim unity is impossible, I will declare that it is perfectly possible.MAHATMA GANDHI

UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL is something we all have heard about but is never Indeed put into action.

There is hardly any other country in the world than India which has a great diversity of religion, culture, language, tradition, community etc. Being diversified into religions and castes, India has always had to face conflicts between religiouscommunities& castes. Though we claim to be escalating on the path of development, the question really arise is whether it’s even possible to attain the state of developed nation unless the needful steps are taken to overcome communal tensions that still cripple in our country.

Right from the past till present, religions has been used in conflict resolution.The main essence of any religion is love, brotherhood, mutual trust, mutual respect for each other’s views and tolerance for all. Obviously, true religion will facilitate conflict resolution and end of violence for e.g. coming of Protestant church to counter orthodox policies of Roman Catholic Church. Buddhism came to counter Brahminical dominance in the Indian society.Islam was born to give solace & peace to blood bathed Middle East. Similarly, the Hindu ideology of VasudhaivaKutumbukam, meaning the entire world is one, allowed us greater degree of peace.

However, the problem is accentuated because of rather intentional misrepresentation of the basic tenets and philosophy of religions by so called religious gurus who are drawing sustenance from their religious bigotry.

So there is dire need that religion preachers such asmaulvis, popes,pundits should interpret the teaching of various religions in a way to resolve conflict and bring harmony. To make this happen it is necessary to end false propagators who spread hate and violence in the name of religion.If religious ideas are misinterpreted or superstition prevails then religion can became opium of masses as followers of a religions run even in billions.If the people had realised the true essence of religion there would have been no conflict among human beings at all as no religion is above human religion.

As far as political parties are concerned, they have used religious sentiments to achieve short term political objective. Political parties comfortably switch sides overnight citing reason to keep communal parties away from power. But there commitment to secularism is as shaky as their coalition in the name of secularism. But when they are in power, they do nothing to keep check on rising communalism infact they encourage groups thriving on communalism and regionalism. Political parties have successfully exploited religion, region and caste to divert attention from real issues.


In order to use religion effectively government must follow secular principles and treat every religion equally.Government Policies are Important to bring strong bond between people and realize the value of other religions which are essential to have brother-hood relation with other religion people.Conflicts in Kashmir, Assam etccan be brought to an end if Hindu-Muslim bonds are made stronger.Government has to be proactive in tackling these problems. Merely half heartedly passing a bill will not make much of a difference in the society. It needs to come up with long term planning to eradicate this evil and should focus more on cultural, religion relationship which is stronger and natural along with economic and political relationship.


Our unity, integrity and solidarity is now at stake. It hampers the growth of the nation at every step. If the nation wishes to make sound progress in the socio-economic, political and scientific spheres, communal harmony has to be ensured as a permanent feature of life. Evil forces trying to destroy this should be crushed at any cost. It is also our duty spread the message of importance of communal harmony.

The main aim of any development project in our country is to invest and improve human resource.Once the morale in every Individual Indian in high only than we think about overcoming grave Issues such as religious Intolerance.

We must not consider our diversity as a hurdle in our path of development, rather we must proudly accept the fact, walk hand in hand with each other and take our country to heights never fathomed before. After all it is the diversity which makes our heritage as rich as it gives us our Identity.

Let us work together for unity and love.

(The writer is Chartered Accountant and founder member of think tank POLICY SAMVAD, who may be contacted at khan.uves@gmail.com, Web: – www.khangargassociates.com)


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  1. Nice column khaan saab. I concur with this ideology, I always did. What’s important is to aware the mass with such idea because they always fall in love with the politicians and the respective political parties. Nowadays the ultimate goal of the political parties is to polarise the communal votes which is as dangerous as a potential fanatic ‘s act. Keep this good work up khaan and most importantly NEVER GIVE UP..

  2. In our country, politics had always been backed by religion and regional disharmony. The trapped potential that our country’s human resource possess can nowhere be found. However, it is very sad when i see our people fighting with each other for the sake of showing their superiority. God, who has created all of us, blesses each of his child according to their karmas and not by their religion or caste. But till the time we realize this fact it becomes too late to make a change. A change should come from within. And when we all decide to change ourselves for the sake of love, brotherhood and peace, only then it would mark the beginning of a new dawn for Akhand Bharat…

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